Christmas for the birds poem by Joan Pond

Cerulean Light
by Joan Pond

On Greenwich Avenue,
Fred festooned a fir with lights.
“Jesus,” he said. “It just ain”t right.
I bought this string at CVS
and it”s already broke.
This Christmas stuff”s for the birds.
Man, it”s a joke.
I got no wife and my whole life”s changed.”
But when I shook his hand,
the blue lights lit.
“Holy shit!” he said. “It”s a miracle.”
And we stood,
bathed in cerulean light.


Originally published at December 7 2004

Van Gogh Documentaries

van gogh documentaries
It’s a sure bet to ask for certain thing and Vincent Van Gogh is sure to turn up in most discussions of art. Vince, or as Charles Bukowski calls him Van and his brother Theo are two icons of art as if they set the stage and planned it all. The whole story has become a pleasant fairy tale story of pain and searching for the torch of greatness. Well deserved but hardly rewarded for each of the brothers.
Documentary is a pleasant way to present our artists and we hope you like them. Book is another form and way of presenting biographies and biography of famous artists is another tool to understanding the art. Vincent, Vincent, Theo, Gaunguin are all part of the mystique, cutting the ear off, presenting it, the psychiatrist, the sunflowers, the starry starry night. Vincent Van Gogh is our famous artist our mystery man, our story.

Fall Trees Paintings

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Angry Nursing Home Poem

Capitalism will leave you


sitting in dried poop

pressing a plastic button

press the button


nurse for a hundred dried poops

poor poor nurse

can’t call doctor for five hundred

went to school for this

poor poor nurse


press the button


while a smiling social worker

smiles sweetly at the family

and gives them all the right


smile social worker


be sure the team

cleans the dry poop

before the

ambulance arrives




based on true story………………..david michael jackson